Rolled roofing is an asphalt product which is oil-based and with a mineral surface that is available in rolls of 100 square feet and has a weight of approximately 75 lbs for every roll. People can easily find this at an online store or almost any store for home improvement. Rolled roofing appears similar to the asphalt shingles but they are considered thinner and less durable which is why they are considerably more affordable.

A person may conventionally go about the roofing of their property through the use of composite shingles. Rolled roofing is the same as any asphalt product that is oil-based. This may be the sole reason why rolled roofing is similar to asphalt shingles. However, shingles are thicker can capable of withstanding more. Aside from this, they may not be likely to tear and crack as the stress that is often put on it from any external force gets distributed on a wider area of parts that move individually. The design of rolled roofing is ideal for roofs that have a low slope. Whenever you have it installed on a residence, make sure that the roof can adapt before installing it. The roof’s pitch can determine if the roof is well-designed to adequately take care of the process.

Rolled roofing is highly beneficial to a lot of people because of its low installation cost. It can be cheaper to have rolled roofing installed compared to the other options as it may only require a minimum amount. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about the underlayment as you may not be required to have it installed. The materials that are needed for the installation of rolled roofing include 11 gauge nails for roofing and the roofing rolls.

Rolled Roofing and Its Advantages

Rolled Roofing and Its Disadvantages

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