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Whenever you need to choose a material for the roof of your house or any other building, it may be likely for you to encounter slate as an option. That is because authentic slate shingles has been the chosen roofing for quite some time. Slates that are original can be heavy for lifting and costly. However, synthetic slates are now available that provides an improvement which is modern for a classic in construction. These are made through the combination of rubber and plastic and have a design that provides beauty at an affordable price.

Even if slate can be undeniably lovely, it may have some drawbacks that can make people avoid purchasing them. Despite that, the market has another option that you may want to take into consideration. Synthetic or composite slate includes features that were able to make the actual slate become a famous material for roofing. However, it may have some disadvantages. Here is a list of the product’s advantages and disadvantages:

It is beneficial to the environment

Whenever you get real slate from the ground, it may never get replaced. Despite that, there are now a lot of composite roofing products that came from recycled materials. In case you are a person who wants to choose products that have a great environmental impact, it would be great to keep this in mind.

It can be easy to find help with this

When it comes to slate roof, the number of roofing companies who have the ability and are willing to have a slate are limited in specific places. It may depend on where you reside but you would surely experience problems in looking for a qualified contractor who is capable of finishing the task. However, it may not be a problem if you choose synthetic slate and shake roofing. Since it can be quite easy to have this product installed, there are numerous roofing companies who would be will to work on this.

It will allow you to save money

In comparison to the real slate, roofing made of synthetic slate is not almost as expensive as the actual slate that it imitates. Whenever you choose this, your savings will come in a couple of forms. The price of the material including the cost of the installation is more affordable. It can be quite difficult to install real slate properly because its heavy. Because of this, you may need to acquire the assistance of an experienced group to complete the job. Since synthetic slate is easier to install, the cost of installation is lower.

Issues with the Fire Rating

Whenever people deal with roofing, they often prefer the fire rating Class A which is the highest grade that roofing materials have. It is unfortunate that some of the market’s synthetic products do not reach this mark. In case you want to go and have a synthetic slate roof installed on your property, always make sure to review the fire rating of every band that you are considering to use.


This point may not necessarily be a disadvantage. There are specific composite roofs that do well in imitating the appearance of the real slate. However, there are those that obviously appear cheap and fake. Make sure to choose a product that does well in representing the real slate so you will become happy of the project’s outcome.

Longevity that is Questionable

Since this is a product that has not been available on the market for a long time, there is still no evidence that it can be highly durable. People are currently uncertain about the time it will last in any practical application. Synthetic slate may be a durable material but it is not yet proven in this field.

Despite all of the disadvantages, there are a lot of things people would could take advantage of when it comes to synthetic slate roofing. Always take some time whenever you need to decide between real slate and synthetic slate so you will choose one that will make you happy for an extended amount of time.

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