For those who are looking to start a new leap or life or have a family of their own, one of the biggest goals that you’ll ever want to achieve is to have a house. While we prioritize checking and making sure that the appearance of the home is looking great from interior to exterior, we mostly forget about our roof—which is honestly the most important of any roof.

As we go further in this, the main question is: “What can go wrong with my roof?”

First thing’s first: your roof won’t last a lifetime no matter how much warranties you are covered with it. There will come a time when it will no longer be in good quality to protect you and your family 24/7.

This is why it is encouraged for homeowners to check on their roofs every year regularly. Twice if possible. That way, you would be able to check the early signs as you will prepare yourself to either repair or replace them.

If ever you see some signs of deterioration, never hesitate to contact your local roofer for them to check and see what they can do.

The Early Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement or Repair

For those who have no idea on what are the early signs of what is wrong with your roof, here are some of the first signs that your roof needs replacement or repair:

Moss or Algae Growth – having anything growing on your roof like moss and algae are signs that your roof needs a makeover and needs to be replaced. Remember that they can increase the deterioration of your roof even faster.

Color Fading – If the colors of your roof are not as bright or attractive as it was before, then you have to replace it immediately.

Small or large tears – Having even the smallest of apparent tears in the roof are signs that it requires a replacement. Remember that leaks would cause water to go inside your home and could deteriorate the structure of your roof and home even faster.

Age of roof reached more than a decade – In all honesty, roofs can last for a maximum of 30 years. However, nowadays, this not reachable anymore because of the unstable weather and other various conditions that your roof would encounter every single year.

If ever one or more of the signs are visible in your roof, be sure to call Roofers Elite LLC today for inspection and earliest quotation. Keep your home safe and comfortable and get a new roof today.